Friday, August 15, 2008

PM's speech on 62nd Independance day

Highlights of the Prime Minister’s address on the occasion:


  • Rs. 25000 crore invested in agriculture through the Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana
  • Rs. 71000 crore loan waived to provide relief to debt distressed farmers
  • Bank credit for agricultural sector increased from Rs 81000 crore to Rs 225000 crore, and have reduced the interest rates for farm loans;
  • to improve the economic conditions of farmers the procurement prices for food grains steeply increased ; 50% for wheat and 30% for paddy
  • The National Food Security Mission has been set up to enhance production of rice, wheat and pulses
  • record production of foodgrains, cotton and sugar in 2007-08.


  • The second important area of development has been infrastructure development. There is a new dynamism in our railways. New roads are being built. New seaports and airports are being developed
  • The Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Mission has been funding urban development and modernization of our cities
  • The National Rural Health Mission has been expanding public health facilities and services in rural areas


  • Government has been giving special attention to the development of education in our country
  • About 14 crore children are being provided mid-day meals under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan scheme.
  • 6000 new high quality model schools established,373 new colleges are being opened in backward districts
  • 30 new universities, 8 new IITs, 7 new IIMs, 20 new IIITs, 5 new Indian Institutes of Science, 2 Schools of Planning and Architecture, 10 NITs, and a 1000 new polytechnics will be opened
  • Every child belonging to a family of SC, ST, OBC and all Minorities, every single child, boy or girl, must have access to modern education


  • Providing employment is a special priority for the government
  • The National Rural Employment Guarantee Programme is aimed to soften the sharp edges of poverty
  • more investment in agriculture, manufacturing and in infrastructure needed to create more employment


  • Economic growth is nearly 9% for last four years;India is among the world’s fastest growing economies.
  • inflation is basically due to external factors and it is double in many developing countries that in India
  • The Reserve Bank of India is moderating the growth of money supply in the country so that inflation can be controlled
  • Our economy must grow at the rate of at least ten per cent every year to get rid of poverty and generate employment for all and a basic requirement for sustained growth is availability of energy, particularly electricity

Science and Technology:

  • Our crude oil and gas reserves are limited and we must find alternative energy sources.
  • hoping to send an Indian space craft, Chandrayan, to the moon. It will be an important milestone in the development of our space programme


  • The Right to Information Act was one major step to make Government transparent, efficient and responsive
  • The National e-Governance Plan will make it easier for all our citizens to deal with the various agencies of Government
  • increasing emoluments of government employees is one more step in making Government more efficient.


  • Terrorism, extremism, communalism and fundamentalism have emerged as major challenges to the unity and integrity of our country
  • State Governments, all political parties, civil society groups and social and religious leaders to cooperate with government in rooting out terrorism from our country
  • The terrorists and those who support them are enemies of the people of India and Pakistan

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